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The Solution to Your Sprinkler and Irrigation Needs
There’s no better choice in Southern Utah than Precision Landscape for all of your irrigation and sprinkler system needs.
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An Excess of Water isn't Always the Solution During a Drought
Most people run their irrigation system at an increased rate when there is a drought. This is not always the wisest decision. Click to read more.
6 Conservational Landscaping Ideas for Southern Utah Residents

There are many creative, unique, and conservation-friendly landscaping choices that will make your outdoor space look fantastic. Here are some ideas.

dog spots
4 Tips On Getting Rid Of Dog Spots On The Lawn
Is your dog making it hard for you to maintain your yard? Here are some tips to remove those dog spots for all you dog and cat owners in Southern Utah.
Tips to Help Your Landscape Conquer the Heat
The heat of St. George can make landscaping difficult sometimes. Try these tips to make your Southern Utah landscaping efforts easier.
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How To Maximize Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is extremely important to a St. George landscape because the front of your home is the first visitors see. Make it look great!
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Tips for Landscaping in the St George UT Desert
St George Ut landscaping can sometimes be difficult. But if you follow these suggestions, you can make your desert landscape look amazing.
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Some Desert Landscaping Tips
Though the desert soil of Southern Utah may appear to present landscaping challenges, wise St George UT landscapers see it as an opportunity.
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8 Winter Landscaping Suggestions for St George Residents
Here are 8 pieces of winter advice for your St George UT landscape, particularly concerning watering. Follow these tips and you’ll conserve water and money.
st george artificial grass
The Benefits of Artificial Grass
There are so many benefits to installing St George artificial grass on your landscape. You’ll save water, money, and time, plus it looks great.
artificial turf
Artificial Turf: The Wisest Choice for Your St. George, UT Landscape
There are so many benefits to using artificial turf over real grass. It saves money, time, and water, not to mention it looks great!
saint george artificial grass
3 Environmental Benefits of Artificial Grass
Saint George artificial grass has an array of benefits which is why it’s becoming more and more common each year, especially in the St George, UT area.
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The Growing Popularity of Artificial Grass
Artificial landscaping is becoming more popular and for good reason. We’ll explain why it’s gaining serious steam in this multi-part article series.
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The Growing Popularity of Artificial Grass Part 2
In this artificial landscape article, we will cover how artificial grass is made, how much it costs, and more reasons why it keeps growing in popularity.
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The Growing Popularity of Artificial Grass Part 3
This article continues our discussion on St George artificial landscape and compares some of the proposed cons of going artificial to the pros.
artificial grass landscaping
Exposing 4 Artificial Grass Landscaping Misconceptions: Part 1
Many false claims have been made about artificial grass landscaping by those who have not been properly educated on the subject. Here, we debunk 4 of them.
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Happy New Year from Precision Landscape!
Click for a special New Year’s message from Precision Landscape. We are grateful for the support and look forward to what 2018 brings! Artificial Turf Lawn.
st george ut artificial grass
Exposing 4 Artificial Grass Landscaping Misconceptions: Part 2
Continue debunking the false assumptions regarding St George UT artificial grass by clicking here! Visit our site for all your St George landscaping needs.
fake grass landscaping st george utah
Artificial Grass Maintenance 101: How to Make Your Fake Lawn Look Great
What are the best ways to care for and maintain your artificial grass? Click here for fake grass landscaping maintenance 101 and become a pro.
5 Simple Ideas for Home Desert Landscapes
Don’t make the common landscaping mistakes characteristic of many Southern Utah residents. Click to make landscaping easier on yourself.
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Southern Utah Soil Types and How to Utilize Them
Southern Utah soil can be a bugger. But if you approach it in the right way, gardening can be a lot easier than you may think.
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Winter Watering Tips for Southern Utah Residents
All residents who follow these lawn care St George Utah tips will save money on their utility bill, conserve water, and have a good-looking landscape.
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Advancements in Turf Technology Make Artificial Grass Even More Appealing
Synthetic grass is becoming more popular than ever due largely to many advancements in technology that increase the quality of artificial turf.
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How is Artificial Turf Made?
Have you ever wondered how artificial turf is made and manufactured? Read here to find out on how this increasingly popular landscape option is made.
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The Truth Behind the Alleged Link Between Cancer and Crumb-Rubber Infill - Part 1
Get the truth behind the controversial debate about the alleged link between cancer and crumb-rubber infill used in artificial turf landscaping.
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The Truth Behind the Alleged Link Between Cancer and Crumb-Rubber Infill - Part 2
Continue learning about the history of and the facts concerning the alleged link between crumb-rubber infill used in synthetic turf landscaping and cancer.
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The Truth Behind the Alleged Link Between Cancer and Crumb-Rubber Infill - Part 3
Read our concluding article post on the controversial issue surrounding supposed links between cancer and crumb-rubber infill.
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The Benefits of Using Sand Infill on Artificial Turf - Part 1
Of all the different types of infill used in artificial grass landscaping, sand infill is arguably the most versatile.
The Benefits of Using Sand Infill on Artificial Turf - Part 2
Learn more about why sand infill is a wonderful choice for artificial landscaping no matter what the purpose of your synthetic grass will be.
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How Modern Homeowners Invest in Their Yards Revealed In Recent Study
Consumer trends in residential landscaping evolve with each passing year. Here is what a recent study found about these trends.
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Garden Ideas That Save Water and Beat the Drought
If you live in Southern Utah area you should always be thinking about how you can conserve water. Here are some St George landscaping suggestions.
st george gravel landscape precision
The Benefits of a Gravel Landscape
A St George gravel landscape is a wonderful alternative to natural grass. There are so many benefits that you’ll be quickly convinced.
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Suggestions For Selecting the Right Landscaping Company
Here are some important things to remember that will help you select the right company among the many Utah landscaping companies out there.
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Discussing Key Areas of Desert Gardening: Climate, Soil, & Water - Part 1
Though St George gardening can be difficult, an understanding of the climate, soil, and water in the area will make your efforts a lot easier.
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Discussing Three Key Areas of Desert Gardening: Climate, Soil, & Water - Part 2
Continue learning more about the climate, soil, and water of Southern Utah so that you can become proficient in Saint George gardening.
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Tips To Create A Safe, Family-Friendly Backyard
Kids love playing outdoors so a backyard that’s fun and safe is important. Consider these backyard landscaping St George suggestions.
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Great Suggestions For Edging Garden Beds In Southern Utah
Ever thought about edging your garden beds? The basic information you need is right here.
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Rock Landscaping Tips For Spring and Summer in Southern Utah
St George rock landscaping is an enjoyable way to add beauty to your property. Even if you already have experience with it, these ideas will benefit you.
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Pet Owner Suggestions For Keeping Your Yard Nice
If you want to have both a pet and a nice St George yard, consider these suggestions. It takes some habit-forming, but it’s all easy.
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Eliminate Pests From Your Garden Naturally With These Tips
Though some insects are beneficial to St George gardens, others are not. Here are some natural ways to rid your garden of unwanted pests.
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Eliminate Pests From Your Garden Naturally With These Tips
Do you like to host get-togethers at your home during the summertime? Then you are going to love these summer landscaping tips.
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Six Tips for Landscape Maintenance in Southern Utah
Landscape maintenance in Southern Utah can sometimes be tricky. Armed with the right information, however, will make things easy and fun.
types of grass that thrive in southern utah
Types of Grass That Thrive in Southern Utah
There are just a few types of grass in Southern Utah that can withstand the dry, hot climate for much of the year. This article explains the details.
to rock or not to rock
To Rock or Not to Rock

To rock, or not to rock your yard is a topic of argument among folks in Southern Utah.  There are many factors to be considered, including saving water.

Tips For St. George Gardening
Tips For St. George Gardening

Because of the hot, dry climate of Saint George, Utah, it takes some expertise to grow a flourishing garden. Here are helpful tips for St. George Gardening.

Palm trees in st. George
Palm Trees in St. George?
Ever wonder how Palm trees in St. George survive even in this climate? Here are the reasons they can flourish in St. George and other surprising locations.
Landscape Architecture: What You Need To Know

Here is what you need to know about landscape architecture. It is an art and a science which affect aesthetic and environmental aspects of the outdoors.

Landscape Architecture in Southern Utah
Landscape Architecture in Southern Utah

This article presents some helpful information on landscape architecture in Southern Utah and lists some of the best companies.

Smart Tips For Lawn Care in St. George
Smart Tips for Lawn Care In St. George

Due to the warm climate in St. George, it can be tricky to maintain a healthy lawn. This article presents some smart tips for lawn care in St. George, Utah.

How to manage water issues
How to Manage Water Issues in St. George, Utah

This article presents how to manage water issues in St. George, Utah. Because of the climate and water scarcity, here is more info for your preparedness.

History of Irrigation Systems in St. George
History of Irrigation Systems in St. George

This article presents the fascinating story of irrigation systems in Saint George, Utah, which is now considered the fastest-growing metro area of the USA.

Backyard Landscaping in St. George, Utah
Backyard Landscaping in St. George

Landscaping companies, like Precision Landscape, can perform wonders for backyard landscaping in St. George, Utah, regardless of the size of your budget.

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Spots (3)
Everything You Need to Know About Dog Spots

This article presents dog spots as you’ve never seen them before and offers the best tips for preventing or limiting their havoc on your green grass.

Artificial Landscaping in the Desert (1)
Artificial Landscaping in the Desert

If you live in the desert, here are some valuable ideas including aesthetics, little to no maintenance, and money savings for artificial landscaping.