Artificial Grass in Saint George, Utah

High desert, the dry Southwest, desolate, red rock desert, land of Dixie?  All these terms have been spoken to characterize the area of southwestern Utah, namely Saint George and Washington County.  Because of the hot, dry summers, artificial grass is continuing to grow in popularity as replacement of traditional living grass lawns and rock yards.  This article presents the whys of installing artificial grass and the options for selecting a product to meet your needs.

Land of Little Water

Saint George, Utah would not exist without the constant trickle and sometimes flow of the Virgin River, which is formed through springs and runoff in the mountains around and inside Zion National Park.  The Virgin River gives life to what has been named in 2018 the fastest growing city in the USA—Saint George. And because of the sunshine and mild winters, it attracts retirees by the thousands.

The precious water from the Virgin River is harnessed, piped to reservoirs, and delivered to residents of Washington County for people use and to maintain farms, gardens, and yards.  The water is metered and charged, becoming one of your monthly bills. If you have a pool, kids who take long showers, and a large yard of beautiful, green grass, your water bill can be (Trump) “Huge!”  This is one reason why artificial grass is becoming more ubiquitous in this arid region.

Is Artificial Grass Pretty

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and some would argue whether artificial grass is attractive or not.  Well, are miniature golf courses ugly? Hmm. After all, don’t people form opinions based on life experience and which memories are pleasant.  If you grew up with a lush, green lawn that smelled good when mowed, felt good when played on and cool to your bare feet, and required some devotion to keep up, then you’re more likely to prefer real grass over rock or artificial turf, even in the dryness of Saint George.  You might associate real grass with family fun or traditions, so abandoning the old Kentucky Blue Grass for desert rocks or a fake football field would feel very unsettling. Yet, for the open-minded conservationists, artificial grass simply makes good sense.

Saving Money

Fake makes good sense because after the initial investment, there is little to no future expense.  I say little because if a dog or child challenges himself to tear up a corner of the turf, you’ll have some repair to do.  It takes about seven years to recoup the initial cost of artificial grass, on average.  After that, the savings on your water bill adds up to be a nice bonus; so if you’re not planning to stay in the Saint George area for longer than a few years, then eh, why invest in artificial grass.  Only a small percentage of home buyers will appreciate your sacrifice, anyway.

Folks who prefer artificial turf to rocks usually point to the dirtiness and heat of a rock yard.  The rock surfaces collect dust, dirt, and radiant heat of the sun; however, rock yards don’t require water or much maintenance, and they’re less expensive than installing artificial grass.  Keep in mind, too, that rock yards provide nice habitats for spiders and scorpions.

Choices of Turf

So, if you’re sold on the idea of artificial grass because of its color, water savings, and being softer than rocks, go ahead and do your shopping research.  You’ll spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for installation, depending on the square footage of your space.  You can choose any of several colors, even Boise State blue turf, if you wish. A good company, like Precision Landscape, can advise.  Quality of manufacturing varies also, so get estimates from two or three companies, and talk to people in the area who have already purchased.  Their input can be valuable.

Artificial Grass in Saint George, Utah

Artificial Grass in Saint George, Utah

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