Exposing 4 Artificial Grass Landscaping Misconceptions: Part 1

Many false claims have been made about artificial grass landscaping by those who have not been properly educated on the subject. It is understandable that some people would have some level of general skepticism when learning of something artificial replacing something natural. However, when presented with the facts, in this case, it will prove difficult to ignore the environmental and practical benefits of artificial grass landscaping, particularly in the St. George, UT area. In fact, a too-good-to-be-true stance is often taken by folks when these truths about are presented. Misconceptions range from incorrectly assuming that it must be very expensive to install, or that installation, in general, is immensely complicated, or that turf contains harmful and unnatural chemicals. These are just a few of many. Unfortunately, these misinformed conclusions lead to needless bias against artificial turf when the truth is that it saves money, time, and increases property value, among other things. This article will expose 4 of the most common misconceptions.

Myth: It’s Too Expensive

This just isn’t true in any sense, especially when you consider all of the money (and time) that you save over time when initiating artificial grass landscaping. In fact, the complete opposite of this misconception is true. Artificial turf saves huge amounts of money over time that you would otherwise be spending on water bills and other maintenance for a traditional lawn. Sure, there is an upfront cost. But remember that going this route almost totally eliminates the associated costs of having a natural lawn which reaches thousands of dollars for the average household, particularly for those living in desert climates like the St. George, UT area. Most artificial grass landscaping lasts for 20 or more years which puts average savings in the tens of thousands range. In addition to all the monetary savings, property value goes up with turf installation similar to installing a new roof or having your kitchen remodeled. It adds equity.

Myth: It Requires a Large Amount Maintenance – or the Opposite – It Doesn’t Require Any Maintenance

False information about the amount of maintenance involved with artificial grass landscaping is all over the map. There is even a surprisingly common myth about the need to mow artificial grass and how people are under the impression that this “mowing” process is much more involved then mowing a regular lawn. Who knows where this started. Contrary to the belief of some, almost all of the labor that you would normally perform on behalf of your natural lawn simply does not apply to an artificial landscape. You don’t need to mow it, you don’t need to water it, you don’t need to edge it, and you don’t need to fertilize it. In many ways, it really is “that simple”, as they say. This doesn’t mean it requires no maintenance at all, but instead of many hours every week you will be spending a handful of minutes every year. A little brushing and rinsing each month as well as a deep cleaning once a year is all it should take. If you have pets doing their business on it (which is fine) then you may want to rinse another time or two each month.

This article will continue as “Exposing 4 Artificial Grass Landscaping Misconceptions: Part 2” next week. Visit precisionlandscaper.com for additional articles on various landscaping topics.

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Exposing 4 Artificial Grass Landscaping Misconceptions: Part 1

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