The Benefits of Using Sand Infill on Artificial Turf – Part 2

This article is a continuation of the artificial turf landscaping St George article The Benefits of Using Sand Infill on Artificial Turf – Part 1.

-The last type of common infill that we’ll mention is the sand/rubber mixture. This infill, as expected, provides simultaneously the unfavorable aspects characteristic of rubber infill and the favorable aspects characteristic of sand infill when used for artificial turf landscaping St George.

Continuing on with further discussion on the benefits of sand infill, it’s good to remember that when distributing infill onto artificial turf landscaping St George, one to two pounds PSF is necessary. Using the proper amount of infill will allow the grass’s shape to be retained and the buoyancy of the blades to keep their strength, even after being stepped on.

So what is it specifically about sand infill that makes it superior to other infill variations? There are so many different kinds that all have positive qualities, but sand infill checks the most boxes. What are those boxes? Well, artificial turf landscaping St George typically prefers sand infill (even over rubber infill) for the following specific reasons.

-It’s durable. In fact, it’s likely the most durable infill type. Artificial turf landscaping St George that uses sand infill maintains it’s shape under a lot of wear and pressure while at the same time maintaining it’s lifelike appearance and feel.

-It’s absorbent. It has the ability to absorb the right amount of the right things. Unlike rubber, it does not absorb large amounts of heat rendering your artificial turf landscaping St George extremely hot to the touch. It also does not absorb liquids. Sand infill is also incredibly shock-absorbent which adds to it’s lifelike appearance and feel, and it’s microbial which means it’s safe for animals and kids.

-It’s not expensive. Sure, there are more expensive sand infill brands (Durafill) as well as inexpensive ones (Silica), but the great news is that no matter what brand you get, more than likely it’s going to work fantastically. The properties of sand are mostly persistent through different brands so you mostly know that it’s going to work. You won’t need to replace your sand infill very often because it won’t easily be saturated by liquid nor will it acquire strange odors. The value of sand infill from a monetary perspective is off the charts.

-It’s versatile. It isn’t messy like many rubber infills which often leave a dusty black residue when contact is made. Because it is cleaner than other infills, it is naturally more friendly to children and animals which means that no matter what type of property you are installing your artificial turf landscaping St George on, or the size of your family, or the number of pets you have, sand infill will be a great option.


If you live in Southern Utah and are interested in artificial turf landscaping St George, there are many different choices available to you where infill is concerned. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of the different types that you’re interested in so that you can get the best quality and the best value. Consider going with sand infill as it will likely meet all of your needs and prevent the majority of future issues that property owners often face when choosing other types of landfills. That doesn’t mean that sand infill is perfect, but experience has shown that it is the best choice in most scenarios. Contact Precision Landscape in St. George, UT today and let us answer any and all questions you may have about artificial turf landscaping St George. We would love to help you.

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The Benefits of Using Sand Infill on Artificial Turf – Part 2

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