Artificial Turf: The Wisest Choice for Your St. George, UT Landscape

Living in a desert climate can often be somewhat frustrating when it comes to landscape upkeep. The hot weather, hard soil, and minimal rainfall create a less-than-desirable environment for maintaining your property the way you want. Many Southern Utah residents spend excessive hours trying to get their front yard looking like their parent’s yard who live in Central or Northern Utah. You are making it very hard on yourself if this describes you, and the real reason is that transporting a landscape from a temperate climate to a dry one is extremely hard. It can be done – kind of – but it won’t truly be the same. That’s because the soil and climate differences between desert and temperate areas are simply too great to expect the same gardening and landscaping results as each other. For all of you St. George, UT area residents, there is an option that really will make your landscaping life so much easier, and that answer is artificial turf.


Artificial turf is not just for outdoor stadiums and golf courses. In the past, that was the case. But today it is affordable for everyone. In fact, you have probably seen many yards with artificial turf, maybe even one or more on your own street. If you use the right material and the right landscaping company, artificial turf can look incredibly lifelike. Passersby may not even notice that it is in fact artificial. There are so many benefits of artificial turf. One obvious one is that it conserves water. No need to water it like you would real grass. After having turf installed, watch your water bill go down month after month. It’s a wonderful sight. Another great benefit is that it saves countless hours of your time. It doesn’t require mowing, trimming, or fertilizing. All of the time that you spend outside on your lawn will suddenly be available to use elsewhere. Another favorite perk of going artificial is that your bug and pest problems will be severely diminished. The St. George, UT area is no stranger to bugs and using turf will eliminate a huge amount of them.


Installing artificial turf certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t have flowers, bushes, and other natural vegetation on your landscape. Many people with turf choose to have hanging plants or to simply have a much smaller ground-level garden than they would otherwise.

artificial turf

The Wisest Choice for Your St. George, UT Landscape

Artificial Turf

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