Backyard Landscaping in St. George, Utah

You’ve seen the home makeover shows on cable TV, where the experts come in and turn an ugly backyard into a stunning masterpiece.  And sometimes even on a meager budget. Imagine the possibilities with a healthier budget, too. Landscaping companies, like Precision Landscape, can perform wonders for backyard landscaping in St. George, Utah, regardless of the size of your budget.

Water Features

With the hot and dry summers of Washington County, cool water features are welcome parts of attractive backyard landscaping; and not just swimming pools.  There are many artistic designs of waterfalls, streams, slides, fish ponds, and showers which add both style and refreshing pleasure to a St. George backyard.  Some folks enjoy the stream of Poi flowing under a bridged walkway, showing off the colors of the Japanese fish. Others create an overhead feature that showers cool, clean water down to wash over you after a swim or a sweaty workout, or just to cool off.  The apparatus you stand under may be decorated with plants, flowers, rustic, desert décor, or whatever you want.

You might want a rock feature built up at one end of the yard that holds a slide with the ability to run water down into a pool for splash-happy kids or young-at-heart adults.  Another nice option is a cliff of rock where a waterfall brings the therapeutic sounds of falling water, crashing into a pool, below. So nice and serene.

Themed Backyard Landscaping

Whatever your hobby or passion, your backyard landscaping in St. George can show it off and be your personalized castle of respite.  The yard could be transformed into a favorite team’s or sport’s arena, a mountain man’s paradise, an aerospace museum, a children’s playground, a greenhouse of exotic flowers and plants, a representation of the Wild West, complete with Native American and Cowboy artifacts.  I know a guy with an authentic teepee in his yard. He welcomes youth groups to sit in the teepee at night around the fire to listen to stories of positive interactions between courageous pioneers and American Indians.

Backyards Set to Host Parties

Being prepared to host parties is a great way to develop your backyard landscaping in St. George.  A smartly designed backyard can be perfect for wedding groups, birthdays, and any special occasion where friends and family can pleasantly gather for food and socializing while paying tribute to someone.

Keep in mind the flow of people, pathways, food serving and eating places, color coordination, comfort, and lighting.  Many events will extend past sunset, so you’ll want strategically placed lights. Safety is also a concern, so install railings where appropriate, clear pathway markers, overhead clearances so no head bumps, no cords or wires to trip over, and no unguarded pools for people to fall into.  Be sure the lawn areas are not wet to avoid slips and falls. And steps must be well highlighted.

I hope these options helped to generate ideas for your backyard landscaping in St. George, Utah.  The only restrictions to your creativity are city codes and money, so happy brainstorming!

Backyard Landscaping in St. George, Utah

Backyard Landscaping in St. George, Utah

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