Tips To Create A Safe, Family-Friendly Backyard

Engaging in landscaping projects on your own can be both exhausting and fun at the same time. Often, when we start a backyard landscaping St George project, for example, we realize along the way that we didn’t think of everything in the initial planning stage and come to find out that there are a lot more factors in play than we initially thought. Many of you certainly know what we’re talking about. You’re hard at work in the yard making progress on a backyard landscaping St George project that you’ve been wanting to complete for some time and new concerns and ideas suddenly present themselves. This is often the case when homeowners execute backyard projects intended to make their property more kid-friendly. We often get questions from folks trying their own backyard landscaping St George while their right in the thick of it. Often we come to the house and help these residents complete their project. When you have young children in the home, you certainly want the home to be a safe, fun place for them to live, explore, and play. Kids love playing outdoors so having a backyard that is fun and safe is important. If you are a Southern Utah resident with young children, consider these backyard landscaping St George suggestions.

Be Weary of Backyard Water Features

In the St. George area, ponds, rock fountains, and other water features are very popular and can add wonderful beauty and character to residential or commercial property. Though they typically look great, they aren’t very safe when it comes to children. Small children have a tendency to go places where they aren’t supposed to go. If there is something dangerous or harmful, somehow kids seem to gravitate to it. All of the parents out there know what we’re talking about. Small kids can drown in even the shallowest water. To alleviate this concern, a backyard landscaping St George tip is to incorporate rock features that include an underground pump. This can eliminate the chance of a tripping child falling into water at the base that has accumulated. Keep your water features child-friendly.

Get Creative With Gardens

Everyone loves gardens and they are always a wonderful addition to any backyard landscaping St George. But, as mentioned already, kids love to get into things. Sometimes it seems like it is their mission to see what mischief they can cause. Gardens, of course, aren’t inherently unsafe for little ones, but if you have an unprotected, ground-level garden with easy access, you can bet that your small children are going to get in there and cause some damage. A few different approaches to gardens can be used to help prevent little hands and feet from digging up tomatoes and pulling out flowers. One way is to incorporate a garden bed that is raised. This is a great way to make it so kids can’t get to it. There are many ways that you can go about creating a raised garden bed. Doing a search online will yield countless styles and methods. Another option is to incorporate a picketed fence. It can be simple, short, and should feature a locked gate. And finally, another common approach is to utilize window boxes. Any of these methods are going to look great, are customizable, and will make your backyard landscaping St George safe and beautiful at the same time.

Skip The Rocks And Go With Grass

Rock landscapes certainly have their cons, as many of our previous articles have stated. But when it comes to backyard landscaping St George with children, rocks can be a hazard. Injuries like cuts and bruises caused by tripping or slipping on rocks are common, sometimes even for adults if not careful. An abundance of available rocks can also become ammunition to a kid. You can decide for your own backyard landscaping St George if you feel rocks are too risky.

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Tips To Create A Safe, Family-Friendly Backyard

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