4 Tips On Getting Rid Of Dog Spots On The Lawn

Is your dog making it hard for you to maintain your yard? Here are some landscaping tips to remove those pesky dog spots for all you dog, cat, and critter owners out there in Southern Utah.

Tip #1: Hardscape

There’s no around it. Dogs and cats (but especially dogs) make it difficult to have a consistently great-looking landscape. One way to win this battle is by using hardscape material instead of traditional grass. This is a very popular option in Southern Utah. Not only does it require much less maintenance than grass (and less money), but hardscape options (such as various forms of gravel and stone) create outdoor environments that household pets typically do not like to play in. If you’re sick of filling in holes and replanting sod, you really should consider this. If you do it with some real thought, your yard will be just as pleasing to the eye as it did when it had grass; maybe even better. Also, it’s so much easier to clean up your dog’s brown presents on hardscape compared to grass.

Tip #2: Grass Selection

Even in Southern Utah, there is more than one type of grass available and some are better than others when it comes to pet traffic. In a desert climate, Bermuda grass is a great option because it’s very tough and can better withstand the natural onslaught of an animal prancing around all the time. If you just have to have your grass and can’t bring yourself to hardscape, put some thought into your grass if you’re an animal owner.

Tip #3: Grass Alternatives

Dog spots, as they’re often called, can be one of the more annoying aspects of owning a pet where landscape maintenance is concerned. The salts and nitrogen in pet urine cause these unsightly yellow marks. This is solved by using clover instead of grass to cover your landscape. Pet urine doesn’t affect clover the way it does grass, and it will provide a unique and eye-catching look to your yard.

Tip #4: Repairing Dog Spots

If you don’t want to go with clover, here are some suggestions on how to combat dog spots on your grass. If you’re vigilant enough to catch Poochie in the act, grab the hose and dowse the tainted area with a heavy helping of water which will flush out the urine before it can do its damage. Most of us don’t have time to supervise our dog’s bathroom moments, so another option is to buy one of the many products that advertise the ability to turn dog spots green. You can even try a mixture of water and dish soap in a spray bottle and giving the affected areas a few sprays. Though we haven’t tried this ourselves, this method is gaining a good track record. Give it a try.


There are a lot more tips on this topic that could make this list very extensive. For now, we’ll leave you with these four and perhaps revisit this topic in a later post. Hopefully this helps!

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4 Tips On Getting Rid Of Dog Spots On The Lawn

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