Saint George Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts

Saint George landscaping requires some knowledge and expertise because of the high-desert climate and make-up of the soil.  Many people have struggled with the elements, so highly recommended is a company, such as Precision Landscape company, which knows how to tame the elements with smart, beautiful, and conservative landscaping techniques.  This article presents some Do’s and Don’ts of landscaping in St. George, Utah.


Do your research on the positives and negatives of installing a desert-style yard with rocks, cacti, and other desert plants.  The desert look is appealing to a lot of people, especially when it harmonizes with the scenery of Washington County; however, there are those who prefer green grass and fruit trees, both of which can flourish in the high desert of St. George. Saint George landscaping companies have plenty of experience with both types of yards, and combinations, thereof.

When researching the pros and cons of desert vs. the greener yards of steppe landscaping, consider the initial costs vs. long-term costs.  Which is more expensive to install, artificial grass, rock or sod? Which requires more maintenance? How long will it take to recoup the upfront cost with savings over time on the water bill?  What pleases your spouse and family most? How long do you plan to live in or keep the property? The experts at Precision Landscape will offer valuable information on these issues.


There are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid for your Saint George landscaping.  For example, if you decide to plant grass, don’t skip the topsoil; it normally contains more organic material than the dusty soil of broken-down desert sandstone.  Organic material will be mineral-rich and also absorb and retain water better than sand or clay. Precision Landscape can advise you on this.

If you lay healthy sod grass, you probably won’t need top soil, but it’s always good to be able to level off and smooth out the surface dirt before placing the sod.  This minimizes the risk of holes and dips which wreak havoc on ankles and lawnmowers. Your sod choice is very important. Don’t install pure Kentucky Blue Grass. It may thrive in the Salt Lake City area, but it does not retain water well, so you’ll be fighting it during the hot, dry summers of Washington County.  The best sods in St. George have mixes of fescue, bluegrass, and sometimes a little rye. Fescue is hardier and doesn’t require as much water under the scorching sun of summer. The lushest lawns in St. George are mixes of fescue and bluegrass.

Do not water the lawn every day.  It will become weak in its root system and non-resilient to dry times.  Water the grass about three times a week with heavy drenching. The roots then develop a massive system, which keeps it healthy on the days of no watering.

Do not cut the grass too short.  The longer the blades, the greener and more durable they are.  Cutting off more than one-third of the blade length weakens the lawn, and makes it more vulnerable to pests and diseases.  So, raise the deck of the lawnmower a notch or two.

In the introductory statement of its website, Precision Landscape posted:

Precision Landscape is committed to making the vision you have for your Saint George landscaping a reality through our meticulous attention to detail, creative intuition, and friendly professionalism. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our experienced and dedicated staff is committed to exceeding our client’s expectations in every project we undertake.

Saint George Landscaping Do's and Don'tsSaint George Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts

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