Landscape Architecture in Southern Utah

Professional landscaping affixes a home to the property and blends it to the environment.  It also enhances the home’s entrance.  In Southern Utah, the landscape architects and engineers work with indigenous plants and construction materials which suit the climate and aesthetic appeal of the environment.  This article presents helpful information on landscape architecture in Southern Utah and lists some of the best companies.

Precision Landscape Company is known for its meticulous attention to detail.  They’ll offer smart design ideas, creative intuition, and good old-fashioned hard work to make your outdoor dream a reality.  Their goal is 100% satisfaction.

Four Leaf Exterior Designs employs specialists in both hardscape and softscape features of your project.  They coordinate the work with your landscape contractor to make sure progress is smooth and pleasing.  Lead designer, Shawna Meldrum, is adept at creating a serene and inviting landscape.  Using colors and textures, Shawna enjoys building a stunning visual and physical experience for people.  Her love of the outdoors has fueled this career, and she is passionate about it.  She has the ability to connect nature to the essence of her design.  Shawna received her degree in residential landscape design and construction from Utah State University in Logan, Utah.  She has good experience in landscape architecture in Southern Utah.

Landscape Examples

Landscape Effects has been designing and installing beautiful landscapes in the St. George area for almost 20 years.  A family business, it does quality work from design to construction.

Got Sod, Synthetic Grass is a company in Santa Clara, Utah, adjacent to Saint George.  It provides landscape design, slope stabilization, and other earthworks.

Landscape Logistics specializes in designing and installing hardscape features of high quality.  A full-service company, Landscape Logistics will provide design ideas and construct beautiful hardscapes of concrete, brick, stucco, and rock.  They’ll even maintain your landscape going forward.

Landscape Architecture in Southern Utah requires knowledge of indigenous soils, plants, and what materials stand up to the extreme sunshine and heat.  The best landscape designers will have formal training in the aesthetic, technical, and ecological aspects of landscape architecture.  They know how to accent beautiful artifacts while blending the home into its environment.  Employing the qualities of water, plants, soil, and construction materials, they are skilled at creating a safe and spectacular yard or garden which is conservational and sound.  Some landscape architects simply provide the plans on paper, while others will supervise the process of construction with the landscape contractor.  And even some landscape companies do both, the design and the implementation.

Landscape architects have much training in developing complex plans which integrate plants, hardscaping, drainage, and water use.  Landscape designers typically have less formal training and work more with plants and gardens—the softscapes.

Good Questions to Ask Your Prospective Landscapers and Designers:

  1. What is your training and certification?
  2. Do you have liability insurance?
  3. Can you give me some references?
  4. How long have you been doing this?
  5. What is included in your services?
  6. When do you expect to complete the project?
  7. Who will be doing the design work, and will I have easy access for collaboration?
  8. How can I help you?
  9. Have you done similar projects?
  10. What possible problems do you foresee in this project?

These ideas on landscape architecture in Southern Utah should prove useful and resourceful in creating your own bit of heaven outdoors.


Landscape Architecture in Southern Utah

Landscape Architecture in Southern Utah

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