Six Tips for Landscape Maintenance in Southern Utah

Humid, it’s not. Rainy, it’s not. With its scarcity of H2O, the Saint George area presents a challenging set of circumstances for taking care of yards, parks, and gardens. This article discusses six tips for landscape maintenance in Southern Utah, tips that should guide you in embracing both the beauty and the responsible ecology of whatever size your piece of earth is. Water management is not just a fancy phrase; it’s crucial to life in Southern Utah. It involves strategies for conserving water, preparations for proper drainage, and applications of smart usage to keep your water bill under control and to nourish your plants, trees, grasses, pets, and children. Smile.

1. The first of the six tips for landscape maintenance in Southern Utah is considering the placement of sprinklers; too close to the house can erode materials and cause water damage. Keep them more than three feet away from the house. Arrange the sprinklers to soak every square foot of the lawn. Place pans like pie tins around the lawn so you can see if the areas are getting the same amount of water from the sprinklers. Then adjust the sprinklers accordingly. Watering deeply and infrequently allows water to seep down to the root system of the grass. This strengthens the lawn so it requires less water and is more resistant to invading weeds, crabgrasses, and diseases. Watering every day makes for a “lazy” and underdeveloped root system so your lawn is weak and more vulnerable to dry times and unwanted invaders.

2. When adding topsoil, include plenty of organic material, like mulch or peat moss, to increase water absorption and retention. If your base soil has a lot of clay content, lay down about two inches of sand and an inch of manure. Then roto-till it up about six inches deep. The mix of clay, sand, and manure will make good soil for growing things. If you don’t have a rototiller, you could rent, borrow, or buy one. Or, you could use the kitchen blender a few hundred times. Just don’t tell your wife. Somebody stop me!

3. A tip for landscape maintenance in Southern Utah that reduces the risk of problems is to call the local company that comes out to your property and marks where utility lines are buried. They’ll use spray paint or blue stakes to designate places where you need to be careful when digging. I remember hiring a landscaper to level my backyard. The skid steer did a great job, except it caught the underground TV cable and snapped it in half. I asked a neighbor/contractor what it would cost to repair it, and he said about $500. Uh, no thanks. So, my landscaper and I found the right stuff at Home Depot for $15 and spliced the cable together. Worked great.

4. This section adds several more to the six tips for landscape maintenance in Southern Utah. Fertilize your lawn twice a year during cooler temperatures—typically fall and spring. Never cut off more than one-third of the blade length; cutting too short stresses it out. If the soil is hard-packed, aerate it to loosen it up and allow deeper penetration of water and fertilizer. Sharpen your lawnmower blades regularly so you’re cutting the grass, not tearing it with “split ends.”

5. Choose plants which are indigenous to desert climates. They’ll have the best chance of succeeding. Importing your favorites from Salt Lake City or Seattle probably won’t work out. Hiring a good landscape company that knows which plants do well is one of the best six tips for landscape maintenance in Southern Utah.

6. The last of the six tips for landscape maintenance in Southern Utah is to consider the amount of shade from the scorching sun that you’ll want and need for particular plants. Then build the sun barriers in all the right places. Too much shade (like shade trees in the grass) will kill your lawn, and too much sun will dry out some plants and “burn” them.

landscape maintenance in southern utah

Six Tips for Landscape Maintenance in Southern Utah

Landscape Maintenance in Southern Utah

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