5 Simple Ideas for Home Desert Landscapes

Here are some desert landscaping suggestions for St. George Utah area residents that will help your property look great, give you some pride and enjoyment, and minimize the amount of time you have to spend maintaining it. Landscaping St George Utah may seem difficult at first. But with a little education, it will soon be easier and become a gratifying pastime that you will take pleasure in.

Set the Scene

Make sure to place plants that you consider to be your best and biggest in places like in a main entryway or any other location where they’ll be seen the most. Do this with your favorite and most noticeable plant combinations as well. If you have multi-season plants, incorporate them in these high-traffic areas as well. These would include plants such as yucca with palm tree-esque features, wonderful-fragrant Mexican oregano shrubs with pink flowers, and prickly pear cacti with yellow flowers. Make sure to position any protruding plants away from walkways or stairs to prevent guests from being poked or inconvenienced.

Use Your Home as Inspiration

When landscaping St George Utah, consider the architecture of your home as a source of inspiration, especially if it is custom or in any way unique. Also, let the surrounding landscape influence your decisions. For example, if you live in an area of Southern Utah with fields of lava rock, incorporate those black lava rocks as walkway borders or as a lawn substitute. Take cues from the specific Southern Utah features in direct proximity to your property and use them to your advantage.

Be Selective With Plants

A mistake that many St George residents make is planting vegetation that is not native to desert climates. Doing this makes landscaping St George Utah a lot harder than it needs to be. Use plants that are tolerant to drought and dry climates, plants that don’t need to be watered every single day. Some common choices are Adam’s needle, caryopteris, potentilla, creosote bush, turpentine bush, and honey mesquite branches.

Make Architecture Interesting

One way to maximize landscaping St George Utah is by using stucco-walled raised beds. Doing this can make your desert landscape look more like a what many people would consider a traditional garden. Plant particular vegetation that will make the tall walls look shorter. Suggestions include placing yuccas in the lower beds so they reach upward and then spill rosemary downward so it covers some of the upper walls. Some plants to consider in tandem with architecture are yucca (always), agave pots, paper flower the blooms yellow, myrtle spurge, dwarf oleanders, Russiam sage, and Mexican oregano shrub.

Lawn Alternatives

An article about landscaping St George Utah wouldn’t be complete without mentioning artificial lawns. It’s a logical choice for anyone living in Southern Utah and brings with it so many benefits that save time, resources, and money. Constructing a desert garden of some kind over natural grass is also wise. When you use artificial turf, it can look almost indistinguishable from a real lawn (if you don’t buy cheap) and if you’ve read any of our previously posted articles you’ll know that, from a maintenance perspective, artificial lawns require a fraction of the time that real lawns do, in addition to being environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective. This is why you see so many artificial lawns in both residential and commercial areas in the St George area.

Stay tuned to our site for weekly articles that will help you become an expert landscaper St George Utah and don’t forget to call Precision Landscaper for all of your Southern Utah landscaping projects.

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5 Simple Ideas for Home Desert Landscapes

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