How Modern Homeowners Invest in Their Yards Revealed In Recent Study

Just like every other industry, consumer trends In residential landscaping change and evolve with each passing year. Homeowners who live in desert climates like the St. George, UT area naturally make some different choice than those who live in temperate ones when it comes to their yards. But landscaping St George overall does seem to mostly follow the national trends. Last year in 2017, a study was conducted in an effort to discover how homeowners nationwide were spending their money on their yards including what their intended plans were for the future. This is a synopsis of the results found by the U.S. Houzz organization.

It turns out that a monetary amount between $1,000-5,000 was discovered to be the average amount spent on an outdoor project by homeowners. Smaller-scale projects in landscaping St George like painting, planting, and mulching (projects with a cost less than $5,000) made up 73% of all minor outdoor projects. The amount of large residential landscaping projects that fell into that price range – terracing, regrading, etc – only made up 23% of the total. On the other side of the spectrum, outdoor projects and landscaping St George that exceeded $50,000 accounted for 15% of all projects.

69% of all landscaping projects executed or planned were for the backyard. The remaining percentage of front yard landscapers spend almost half of their efforts (47% of all front yard projects) on updating/upgrading borders and flower beds as survey participants overwhelmingly stated that they felt it was the most important way to increase curb appeal, leaving 29% incorporating shrubs and perennials. One interesting fact is that 18% of American homeowners who spent time and money on landscaping say that they interact and speak with their neighbors much more than they did before. According to the study, the main catalysts for homeowners deciding to do work on their yard, including landscaping St George, were desires to make their newly purchased home “their own”, updating outdating yard elements, desires for more privacy, a perceived inadequate us of space, and drainage needs.

The study also showed the average length of time most landscaping St George projects takes, as well as those in other areas throughout the nation. Naturally, how long a project takes depends on the scope and difficulty of it. 3 months was the average start-to-finish duration of smaller projects. Overhauls (large projects) averaged 6 months for the planning process and another near-6 months to execute. Landscaping St George projects such as upgrading structures, building new structures, planting new beds, paving, relandscaping, and re-terracing are all examples of what were considered major projects according to the study.

Relaxation is another common reason for landscaping. Gardening has long been a popular “unwinding” activity as, according to the study, 2/3 of all homeowners garden intentionally as a leisure activity. Another high percentage (40% of survey participants) indicated that they initiate landscaping projects to create a pleasing outdoor environment for entertaining guests. The majority of these homeowner purchase and incorporate furniture as a supplement to their landscaping St George. Also, plants that require very little maintenance are the most popular as it was found that only 20% of homeowners enlist the service of a professional landscaping company to accomplish their yard plans. However, that number was quite different when isolating new homeowners. 73% of people getting into a new home for the first time hired landscaping professionals. It’s also very common for people to begin an outdoor landscaping St George project with the intention to do everything themselves but part-way through decide to hire a landscaping company.

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How Modern Homeowners Invest in Their Yards Revealed In Recent Study

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