Enhance Your Summer Parties With These Landscaping Tips

Do you like to host get-togethers and gatherings at your home during the summertime? Then you are going to love these summer landscaping tips from Precision Landscape in St. George, UT. An evening party in a beautiful backyard is always a good time, particularly if the homeowner has taken particular care when it comes to the landscaping of the property. Activities such as watching movies, lounging and relaxing, making s’mores, barbecues, and more are greatly enhanced with mindful landscaping efforts from the host. Need some landscaping tips for your summer parties? Here are five fantastic ones.


There are few things that say summer more than an evening bonfire. There’s just something about sitting around a flickering flame with people you care about that creates a very memorable situation, even if nothing truly important is discussed. Following landscaping tips involving the creation of a fire pit is a good idea if you are someone who truly wants to make your backyard an inviting and attractive place where people want to spend time. Few summer landscaping tips have such a large overall effect. To get one going, you’ll need a large grill, some stone blocks to create a wall that surrounds it, and a gravel base. The next step is to acquire some comfortable seating arrangements that can really be anything you want, including bench-style or outdoor chair seating. If your fire pit is stone-based, consider incorporating a patio surface made of stone as well.

A movie night area

Remember that time when you were invited over to a friend’s home and the activity was watching a movie outside against a white wall or rigged projector screen? Remember how awesome it was? We certainly do. That’s why this is a sure-fire winner when it comes to summer landscaping tips. Guests love the unique atmosphere of watching a film with no roof over their heads. One way that some people execute this suggestion is by incorporating it (a white projector screen) into a shed as the shed is being built in a way that allows it to be retracted. During other backyard landscaping processes, think ahead and plant two trees equidistant from each other so that you can easily hang a white sheet between them. Be sure to design some kind of area where you can set up chairs, tents, etc. This is one of those landscaping tips that people love and think about doing it themselves after leaving your home.


Of all our landscaping tips included in this article, this is probably the most obvious, but it’s so effective as a backyard summer activity that it has to be mentioned. We recommend going with an in-ground rather than a raised one because they are easier to access, look better, and preventative maintenance is usually easier to perform. A pool in your backyard also opens the door to all sorts of cool landscaping things that you can do around it.

Recreation area

Get some wooden planks and some medium-coarse sand and construct yourself a sand volleyball court or a horseshoes sandbox. These are both fantastic games to play in the summer and make great landscaping tips.

Shady hangout

Particularly in Southern Utah, it is very important to incorporate into your landscaping plans an area that will provide a shady area for guests to stand or sit in. This usually is constructed in the form of a patio or a tree surround by grass and chairs and things. When it comes to landscaping tips, this is essential if you want to spend time in your backyard.

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Enhance Your Summer Parties With These Landscaping Tips

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