Lawn Care Personalities in Saint George, Utah

Are you a minimalist or perfectionist?  Walk down any street in Saint George, Utah, and you’ll see a range of lawn care strategies represented, from cheap to costly, from desert dry to lush green, from nothing to Las Vegas Casino elaborate.  There are as many yard care styles as cars to drive. Some prefer to “get by” while others invest to impress. This article presents several philosophies and ideas for lawn care in the high desert of Saint George, Utah.

Are You a Minimalist?

Now, with regard to yard care, a minimalist is usually defined as the application of minor maintenance measures such as minimal watering, lawn mowing and deciding which dirt beds get weeded and which do not.  Others who espouse the minimalist philosophy may do nothing, allowing any vegetation to burn up, saving money on the water bill. These folks hope it doesn’t rain because rain will stimulate weed growth. Perhaps the lawn care minimalist is a widow who refuses to accept help from church or neighbors in improving the aesthetic appeal of the property.  Or, the minimalist is the consummate tightwad, who is diverting funds from the water bill to something more necessary.

Are You a Perfectionist?

One type of perfectionist will pay for smooth, level grading of topsoil before laying sod or artificial turf.  Or, he may do the work himself, because, in his mind, nobody can do it as well. The perfectionist will give forethought to water runoff, efficient placement of sprinklers, and where the wheels of the lawnmower will go in order to cut more thoroughly.  The perfectionist will do his “homework” in determining the composition of the sod he purchases, eg. how much bluegrass, how much fescue, rye, etc. Which blend of grass types will retain water well, feel and look good, and resist invading weeds, crabgrass, and disease?  A good company like Precision Landscape can answer these questions. Which side of the house should the green grass go? Do you want it on the north side, where sun is shaded for part of the day, or south side, which will expose the grass to more sunlight all day, requiring more water to stay green?  

Are You a Pragmatist?

Some folks are influenced most in their lawn care by money savings, so they compare the upfront cost of laying rock or artificial grass vs. the long-term savings on the water bill.  The pragmatist will also consider the required maintenance of live yard vs. rock or fake grass. For some, an important consideration is how playground-worthy will your yard be for the grandkids.

Are you a Creative Show-Off?

There are some yards in Washington County that rival the exotic and elaborate properties on the Las Vegas Strip.  Water features, theme-based décor, sculptures, and palm trees raise the beauty of lawn care to a higher level.  You can create your own tourist attraction, refreshing, fun, and gorgeous.  If you want a Brazilian rain forest in your backyard, you’ll have to install a greenhouse to increase humidity levels.  Washington County relative humidity rarely climbs above 40%, unless cloudy or raining. The elaborate lawn care investors will have more upfront expenses and usually higher maintenance costs over time.  Swimming pools require cleaning, monitoring the ph of the water, chlorine levels, and maintenance of water pumps.  If Palm trees are imported, they will need to be protected from cold, winter nights at top of the trunk, by wrapping a sleeping bag or blanket just below the stems and fronds.

Whatever type of lawn care suits your fancy, you’d be wise to consult with a reputable company like Precision landscape in St. George, Utah.

Lawn Care Personalities in Saint George, Utah


Lawn Care Personalities in Saint George, Utah

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