Winter Watering Tips for Southern Utah Residents

Even though St. George winters are nowhere near as cold as the winters up north, it is still a significant enough overall weather change that your watering habits should change as well. There is no need to water your lawn every day as you do in the summer, and certainly not multiple times a day. When it comes to winter lawn care St George Utah joins most all Utah cities in that lawns don’t need very much water during these months. Your water bill during the “off-season” should automatically be lower than the spring and summer due to your very minimal outdoor water usage. Desert vegetation is the most resilient of its kind. It doesn’t need that kind of constant watering, especially in the winter. Here are some tips to remember when it comes to watering your lawn and plants during the winter months in the St. George area.

Your sewer fee will be lower the following year if you use less water because sewer fees are determined based on average water usage.

Don’t overwater. This is lawn care St George Utah 101. It’s just as bad as under-watering. Essential nutrients like iron and nitrogen can’t be absorbed by the plants if the soil is too soggy. You’ll kill your grass and your plants this way. And certainly, during the winter months, this should not be a problem since you should already be watering much less. Overwatering during winter months can also cause vines and shrubs to become overgrown too soon which leads to frost damage. Another negative side effect of overwatering during the winter is lots of bugs, especially termites and mosquitos.

The cells of cactus plants are expert water containers. If you water them too much during the winter, the water inside these cells will expand, break, and cause damage to the plant. In fact, you should stop watering your cacti three months before the cold weather begins.

If you’re really keen on saving money with smart winter lawn care St George Utah, give a local city water efficiency professional a call (oh yes, they exist) and ask them the exact amount of water that is necessary for your particular property during the winter. They should be able to give you an answer so that you have a threshold that you then know not to cross.

If you enlist the regular services of a professional landscaping or lawn care company in town, it is better not to have these water-conserving conversations with them rather than assume that they are automatically going to change their tactics when winter hits. Communicate with them that water conservation is important to you and you would like them to take that into consideration. Even if you have a landscaper, it’s still wise to know how to work your own irrigation controller. Don’t hesitate to locate the model number of your system and watch some YouTube videos on how to work it.

Where lawn care St George Utah is concerned, many locals continue to set their sprinklers to operate at night, just as they do in the summer. This is fine, but make sure that you periodically turn it on during the day for the purpose of examining each water-exit point to make sure each station is working properly. If you have malfunctioning sections, it’s possible that you’re overwatering some parts of your lawn or garden without knowing it.

If you have trees, these require even less water than grass during the winter, even in the St George area. They really only need a good solid watering once a month during the winter.

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Winter Watering Tips for Southern Utah Residents

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