The Solution to Your Sprinkler and Irrigation Needs

Sprinkler and irrigation systems are notorious for being quite a headache when homeowners attempt to install them themselves. When it comes to watering your property, we recommend hiring professionals to install it properly and efficiently for you so that you know you aren’t going to have any self-inflicted problems with it. This also ensures the best possible results. The grass doesn’t always have to be greener on the other side of the fence. With Precision Landscape in St. George, UT, your side of the grass will most certainly be the greenest. In some respects, grass in Southern Utah is tricky to keep lush and green which is another reason having professionals take care of your sprinkler and irrigation installation is the best decision.

Precision Landscape has been specializing in irrigation and nursery knowledge since 1994. You will be in very good hands by bringing them on board. They’ve installed more systems over the years than they can count. It doesn’t matter the type or size of the job, they’ve already done what you’re looking for many times before. Dan Jones and his staff are professionally trained and have dozens and dozens of combined years experience between them all. You can trust them to design and install a custom system for you that you will be exactly what you were hoping for. No need to worry about any drainage issues because you can count on Precision to meticulously survey the area as part of their pre-planning process.

They will also make sure that you save money over time as they will calculate the exact amount of water your particular yard needs to stay healthy. No money or water goes to waste when Precision Landscape is involved. As you may already know, too much water on your lawn can be just as harmful as too little.

It’s common, especially in Southern Utah, for homeowners who water their lawns themselves to give their lawns a serious lack of attention. Though very little maintenance is typically required for home irrigation systems due to its automatic schedule, what you’re missing are backflow inspections, regular maintenance, and a plan for water conservation. These aspects of landscape care are especially important if you have other forms of greenery and flowers in addition to common grass. Having a customized sprinkler system that is professionally installed will you give you a more comprehensive, cost-effective lawn care experience, not to mention time-saving.

Yellow patches will become a thing of the past when going a professional route for your irrigation and sprinkler system needs. No more screwing in the hose and putting your thumb partially over the nozzle to get a more accurate trajectory. Vibrant colors will soon be the norm on your property as the result of involving Precision Landscape. It will be one of the wisest decisions you ever make.

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The Solution to Your Sprinkler and Irrigation Needs

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