3 Environmental Benefits of Artificial Grass

Saint George artificial grass has an array of benefits which is why it’s becoming more and more common each year, especially in the Saint George, UT area. Perhaps the most obvious one is that maintenance costs associated with your home landscape go down significantly when you install artificial grass. But another equally beneficial advantage (and perhaps even more noteworthy) is its positive effect on the environment. Here are three of the most recognizable environmental benefits of installing Saint George artificial grass.

Water Conservation

In a desert climate like Southern Utah, water conservation should always be on your mind when it comes to landscaping. 320 gallons is the average amount of water each American family uses per day, according to recent EPA statistics regarding water usage, 30% of which is said to be used to water gardens and lawns. Basically, 9 billion gallons of water is used every single day equalling a third of all water usage. When you go artificial, your irrigation bill will nearly disappear and you’ll only use water outdoors in a few select situations. It is presumed that over 2 billion gallons of water are saved each year considering everyone who has switched to artificial grass, and that number goes up each year as more people recognize the benefits.

A Reduction in C02 Emissions

Mowing the lawn takes time and emits a lot of gas into the air which contributes to C02 levels globally. Considering how the cost of gas and fossil fuels fluctuate, Saint George artificial grass is financially and environmentally sensible. It could be compared to riding your bike to work rather than driving. Installing artificial grass instead of mowing real grass once a week is a huge environmental boon. You’ll decrease the amount of pollution in the air, not to mention all the time that you’ll save not needing to mow your lawn.

Contamination and Chemical Runoff are Minimized

Landscapes produce chemical runoff because only about 40% of lawn chemicals (such as fertilizer) actually make it into the soil. The other 60% yields negative consequences to the environment as it becomes chemical runoff. This runoff contributes to the destruction of local ecosystems and is obviously very harmful to insects and animals. Sometimes this chemical runoff even affects local drinking water, which can have a myriad of very harmful consequences. When you have Saint George artificial grass installed, you have absolutely no need for pesticides, fertilizer, or any other chemical.

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3 Environmental Benefits of Artificial Grass

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