Smart Tips For Lawn Care in St. George

This town has some special characteristics that determine how best to maintain a lively and beautiful yard.  Grouped into the climate of the Southwest, the hot and dry summers and little rain year-round make it a challenge to keep grass green and trees and plants healthy.  This article presents some smart tips for lawn care in St. George, Utah.

Thinking About Rocks?

Granted, the easy way out is to lay a yard full of rocks, but this, too, has its pros and cons.  The surfaces of the rocks tend to collect all manner of dirt, dust, and pollens.  And the damage done to knees of tripping grandkids goes without saying.  Rocks also make great habitats for scorpions and spiders, which, unless the woman of the house is very extraordinary, will incite some angst.  Rocks hold infrared heat from the sun, so you’re just compounding the radiant heat of the desert around your house.

With the cons being said, there are two big pros to laying rocks in the yard: low maintenance and low water bills.  Water is scarce in the St. George area, and rocks don’t get thirsty, so you save money.  Moreover, very little maintenance is needed, if you lay a good weed-block fabric over the dirt before pouring the rocks.  If you mess up with the weed block, you’ll have some stubborn weeds to pull.

So, if you like the coolness, feel, fruits, care-taking, and colors of real grass, trees, flowers, and shrubs, then listen up for some smart tips for lawn care in St. George.

Living Yards

Visit the local nurseries to ask the experts about which plants and trees do best in the high desert climate of Southern Utah.  Buy the young starts rather than seeds, and be sure to install a good drip-line system of watering near the roots of the trees and plants.  I know of some very prolific apricot, peach, and almond trees in Saint George; however, all of them had a continual supply of water from drip hoses at their bases.

Choosing Grass Types

One of the key tips for lawn care in St. George is choosing the right grass types.  The best green lawns are composed of a mix of fescue and blue grasses.  Fescue is heartier than Kentucky blue Grass, tolerates heat better, and requires less water.  Allowing for some shade during the day is fine, but remember to avoid planting grass or laying sod under shade trees.  Too much shade will disrupt photosynthesis and kill your lawn.

Watering The Lawn

Watering the lawn is where most mistakes are made.  Fearing the desert sun, some folks drench their lawn every day, but this makes for weak root systems and vulnerability to pests, drought, and unwanted invaders.  Watering daily also adds up to a hefty water bill.  The smart tip for watering your lawn in Saint George is to water heavily two or three times a week in the summers.  The good soaking will seep deeply to the roots, which will absorb the life-giving water, become stronger and more able to endure days of drought.  As a caveat, be aware of your sprinkler schedule.  Though rare, the rainy days will come, and you don’t want to waste the precious resource of water by watering in the rain.  The excess water will run off to the gutters or wherever it can, aggravating the conservation-minded neighbors.

Cutting The Grass

Be sure to raise the deck of the lawnmower a bit to cut off no more one-third of the grass blades.  Cutting it short like you could in Salt Lake City or a more humid environment will stress the grass and welcome pests, crabgrass, and dry spots.  Freshly mowed grass, even if a little taller, still looks beautiful.

Timing The Fertilizer

Treating the lawn with fertilizer is recommended once in the fall and once in the spring.  It does little good in high temperatures of 90 and above, so spread the product at a temperature under 75 degrees.  October and March are good times.

To assure penetration of both water and fertilizers, aerate the lawn with holes.  Some soils are clay-rich, so water tends to run off if there are no holes to seep into.

I hope these smart tips for lawn care in Saint George, Utah will guide you in avoiding some mistakes and sporting one of the prettiest yards in your neighborhood for all to enjoy.


Smart Tips For Lawn Care in St. George

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