Tips to Help Your Landscape Conquer the Heat

Southern Utah residents know heat. The fantastic weather during the other seasons certainly makes living here worth it, but the summers can get brutal. Homeowners and property managers in the St. George area are well aware of the Southern Utah landscaping problems associated with the summer heat. Before you go straight to increasing your sprinkler output, read these tips that will not only keep your landscape looking great during the summer but will also conserve water.

It’s okay for your lawn and soil to dry out between sprinkler sessions. You don’t need to be concerned about keeping it wet as often as you may be thinking. In fact, a constant variation of soil moisture is healthier for plants in general during the summer. If too much moisture is continuously applied to your soil, that’s not good. Likewise, if not enough moisture is applied consistently, that is also not good. Also, it’s best to not simply set the timer on your sprinkler system and never look at it again and assume that your job is done after that point. Not ever landscape is the same. Just because you live in St. George doesn’t mean that everyone’s lawn needs the exact same amount of water no matter what. Your landscape is unique. It’s much better to just keep an eye on your lawn and when it looks like it’s right on the verge of visibly needing water, give it some. When you step on your grass and your foot leaves an indentation that takes time to reform itself, that is a sign of drought stress. Give it a bit more water than your currently giving it if this describes your lawn. The healthiest lawns depress slightly when stepped on. If your grass is somewhat hard, especially where the blade touches the soil, this is drought stress as well.

The next tip may be one that you’ve heard before. It’s a very good idea to not water your lawn from 10 am to 6 pm. By watering at night, you eliminate the majority of the evaporation that would otherwise take place during the day, allowing your landscape to take it all in. This practice saves a lot of water, especially in a desert climate like St. George. Also, try and stay apprised of local water restrictions and regulations. As of this writing, the city of St. George actually restricts watering to the hours of 8 pm – 8 am.

Another suggestion would be unafraid to utilize a garden hose even if you have an automatic sprinkler system. If your lawn has a few of those pesky brown spots, just hose them down as opposed to extra sprinkler sessions. It’s more effective to treat dead spots this way. Mowing the lawn at 2 inches also helps discourage brown spots from forming in addition to helping plant roots to go deeper which makes plants less vulnerable to the effects of drought. And this goes without saying, but remember that you don’t have to water shady areas as much as sunlit areas.

Southern Utah landscaping will be a lot easier if you remember these suggestions.

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Tips to Help Your Landscape Conquer the Heat

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