The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is common in commercial areas and large stadiums. Another place that it’s becoming more common with each passing year is residential properties. Many homeowners, particularly those living in desert climates such as the St. George, UT area, are going artificial in the place of real grass. Advances in the creation and installation of St George artificial grass have added to its increased popularity and utilization. If you’ve never considered having St George artificial grass installed on your landscape, perhaps now is the time to do so.

It’s less expensive than you might think. In the past, it was expensive which is why you’d typically see it only in large sporting arenas and other high-end structures. This is no longer the case. Today it is as affordable as it’s ever been making it a viable options for the average homeowner in St. George. And as time has gone by, St George artificial grass looks less and less artificial. In the past, St George artificial grass was prone to smelling bad. This is no longer the case as the synthetic products used to create the turf now have pores so water can drain and flow, cleaning itself.

You save a lot of money and time by installing artificial turf on your landscape. It doesn’t need to be mowed so you’ll save money on gas. It also doesn’t need to be trimmed, cut, raked, seeded, or watered which will save you lots of time and money as well as conserves water. Also, artificial turf in St George is able to withstand regular pressure and weight, just like regular grass. Let your kids and animals play on it as usual. They won’t be bringing in mud, which is nice.
Plus, St George artificial grass doesn’t attract insects and other pests as regular grass would.

It also lasts a very long time. With proper and basic maintenance, it will last many years. You won’t get that fresh cut grass smell, but the payoff is worth it in many situations. Sometimes, during the summer months, St George artificial grass can get a bit hot, so remember to not walk on it with bare feet if it’s especially hot outside.

Call Precision Landscape for all of your artificial grass needs. We’ve been installing it for years in Southern Utah and know just about all there is to know about it. We’d love to help you and will make sure you get the best possible rate and certainly the best customer service in town.

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The Benefits of Artificial Grass

St George Artificial Grass

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