Great Suggestions For Edging Garden Beds In Southern Utah

If you are reading this, we’ll assume that you have at least some interest in gardening. In Southern Utah, gardening is a common pastime and is a great source of joy for countless homeowners and many businesses in the area. Desert gardening especially has a unique appeal as it requires arguably a bit more finesse and deliberation when it comes to choices and methods. Those interested in created and maintaining a St George garden that is designed to be noticed are required to use creativity and insight to make it look really good. Certain plants, soil, and other elements need to be chosen specifically to maximize growth and color and to keep long-term maintenance to a minimum. One particular aspect of created a St George garden is deciding the best way to edge garden beds. There are a handful of common approaches longtime Southern Utah residents have employed, many of which apply to temperate climate gardens as well. Sprucing up your St George lawn by incorporating a nice looking garden edge will make your landscape stand out. If you are planning to edge your lawn and garden beds, consider the following ways to go about it.

Metal Edging

This method will not cost much at all as is quite simple to execute. The idea behind metal edging is that between your lawn and St George garden bed will be a thin barrier. It prevents weeds and crabgrass from growing up into the St George garden bed as it does below the soil line.

Brick Edging

This option allows the landscaper to choose between pavers and bricks of a wide variety of textures and colors. St George garden beds look great with brick edging. To do this, identify the edge of the garden bed and vertically install pavers all along it which will end up looking like a wall or sorts, albeit a low one. After that, you’ll create an elegant look by horizontally installing pavers directly next to the ones that you already line the lawn edge with.

Dry Creek Bed

The dry creek bed uses mostly pebbles rather than medium or large sized rocks. The only thing you’ll need larger rocks for is the first step which is to identify the edge of your St George garden bed and line it with larger rocks. Then measure one or two feet in and create the other edge of the bed. Once you’ve created this area in between, fill it with pebbles, preferably smooth ones. It will look fantastic.

Natural Stone

Creating a beautiful lawn and St George garden using this method will give it natural look compared to some of the other methods like gabion walls. Get medium sized rocks and the use them to line the edges of your St George garden beds. One you have used the rocks and stones to create a noticeable edge that separates the St George garden bed and the lawn, next you will measure about 1 ft of width and cover that area with stones along the whole length of garden bed’s edge.

Gabion Wall

This method is surprisingly simple and particularly fun. You will have the opportunity, which most people building a St George garden love, to pick out the rocks you want to incorporate. When you line raised garden beds with them it always makes it look great. There are a few things that you’ll need to buy or acquire to get started on your gabion wall. You’ll need rocks, of course, in all sizes and shapes, tie and galvanized wire, and concrete mesh. You’ll make and install a “cage” using the wire and mesh. Put it right along garden’s edge and then finish the job by using the rock to fill it in.

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Great Suggestions For Edging Garden Beds In Southern Utah

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