Eliminate Pests From Your Garden Naturally With These Tips

Though many of the predominate insects in desert climates like the St. George area are different than what you would find in other more temperate parts of the state, Southern Utah certainly has its fair share of pests. It’s natural for our st george gardens to have a good amount of pests inhabiting them, but too many, or the wrong kind, can be destructive to flowers, vegetables, and other plants. There are steps that can be taken to lessen or sometimes eliminate altogether unwelcome pests from our St George gardens, particularly if you plant and maintain an organic garden. Spraying chemicals and man-made fertilizers to get rid of garden pests can be a risky endeavor as it puts your plants at risk of being harmed. Consider some of these more natural and environmentally friendly methods that will help get rid of harmful pests from St George gardens.

Preserve the Health of Your St George Garden

Like most things, preventative measures are much more effective and less expensive than dealing with problems as they occur, and this is certainly the case when it comes to garden pests. You want to minimize areas that encourage and breed bugs. Consistently take notice of all the plants in your St George gardens and clear away leaves and dead elements. Piles of leaves and dead plants tend to attract insects and serve as breeding areas. Avoid using moist mulch and wet leaves for any purpose, instead of going with dry and clean mulch.

Get Help From Predators

The little crawling pests that enjoy dining on the delicious things in St George gardens have natural enemies of their own. By incorporating those into your garden, they can accomplish a lot of the heavy lifting for you. For example, ladybugs eat scale, whiteflies, and aphids. If you introduce some ladybugs into your St George gardens, they will relieve a large portion of your problem and enjoy doing it. This natural method will keep the insect population of your St George gardens in check. You can also draw ladybugs into your garden naturally by planting black-eyed susans and goldenrod. Damselbugs are also effective bugs to incorporate because they eat the larvae of eggs of bad insects. And what about slugs? Gardeners typically hate slugs because they can cause severe damage and policing insects can’t eat them because they’re too big. They also have a way of concealing themselves underneath the soil rendering them difficult to spot and eliminate. There are some natural ways to take care of slugs, however, and that is with fowl. Chickens and ducks wandering through your property and through your St George gardens will help you get rid of a lot of slugs because these birds love them. They’ll also consume snails and other similar creatures.

Addressing Deer

This isn’t a problem in the St. George area, but in an article about protecting gardens from encroaching enemies, deers should be mentioned. Perhaps some of you have another property outside of Southern Utah where this information will be helpful. Deers can ruin large portions of gardens quickly through their foraging behavior. One way to deal with this is to plant certain flowers that don’t smell good to deer (chives, garlic, lavender) as these animals use primarily their sense of smell to locate delicious plants. Another natural method is hanging scented soap from a nearby fence or tree branch which is unpleasant to deer and will make them turn away. Incorporating decorations that make noise (wind chimes) is a good deer deterrent as well.

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Eliminate Pests From Your Garden Naturally With These Tips

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