The Benefits of a Gravel Landscape

A large percentage of homeowners have been using gravel instead of grass in the St. George, UT area for decades, and even now it’s seeing an even higher growth in popularity, along with artificial grass. This is because there are many practical, economical, and ecological benefits to choosing a St George gravel landscape to decorate your Southern Utah property as an alternative to a natural lawn.

The most obvious reason in favor of a St George gravel landscape is the fact that, compared to grass, it requires almost no maintenance whatsoever. Grass, on the other hand, is considered high maintenance as it requires winterizing, fertilizing, trimming, and large amounts of water over the course of a year. When you consider areas with desert climates that experience droughts on a regular basis like St. George, that kind of excessive water use isn’t particularly sustainable. This is an obvious reason why so many homeowners in Southern Utah choose gravel for their landscape. A St George gravel landscape is also very affordable and creates a very natural-looking landscape. As far as maintenance is concerned, gravel requires the homeowner to pull some weeds every so often and rake it back into position. That’s pretty much it.

Another advantageous aspect of going with a St George gravel landscape is the excellent drainage. One common practice among Southern Utah residents is to spread a smaller amount of gravel on plants in both the front and backyard as opposed to using it exclusively all around. The presence of gravel helps vegetation grow more effectively because the drainage is enhanced. Walkways and patios tend to be the most common areas of Southern Utah properties where St George gravel landscapes are incorporated. This is because it blends into gardens very well and looks natural.

Though on the surface, a St George gravel landscape may appear to be, well, boring compared to a natural lawn, that is far from the truth. It’s incredibly versatile. The choices of rock types, colors, finishes, and patterns actually make gravel much more customizable than grass. Many folks use different kinds of rocks in different areas of their property to add character, making their property far from ordinary. You can incorporate other similar landscaping materials such as stepping stones and bricks to get even more creative. There are many types of drought-resistant plants native to Southern Utah that you can include that will make your St George gravel landscape look amazing.

And yet another reason to use gravel has to do with bugs. Any organic material used as landscaping material will eventually and inevitably attract insects. And we’re not just referring to grass. Mulch and wood chips attract are prone to just as many insect infestations as grass, particularly ants. Assimilating gravel and crushed stone into your St George landscape will prevent infestations from taking place.

A St George gravel landscape is also great from a financial perspective. If you’re on a budget and trying to save as much money as you can and you live in the St George area, this is your very best option. Gravel is extremely inexpensive compared to both natural and artificial grass and your future landscaping and utility costs will be significantly lower than they would otherwise be. You could even consider doing it yourself if you feel like you have the ability to learn from online videos and ask questions to those who know what they’re doing. For the best results, have Precision Landscape do it for you.

Driving around St George, you’ve probably seen that many homeowners choose to use many different types of landscaping material on the same property; crushed stone, grass, artificial grass, mulch, wood chips – some combination of some or all of these done right can result in a wonderfully beautiful landscape. Consider a St George gravel landscape for your property. Reach out to us at Precision Landscape and we’ll get you started.

st george gravel landscape

The Benefits of a Gravel Landscape

St George Gravel Landscape

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