How To Maximize Curb Appeal

Really nice curb appeal can often be difficult to obtain, especially if your extra-stressed about it when preparing to sell your home. First impressions are important and if you are the type of person who really cares about your home’s outside aesthetic, making a conscientious effort on your home’s curb appeal is a really good idea, especially if you’re selling it. So how does your home reach top-notch curb appeal? There are a lot of things that you can do yourself and other things that would probably be best left to the professionals. Depending on what your intentions are, as well as your budget, at Precision Landscape we’d like to help you in any way we can, even by simply giving some tried and true advice on the subject. You’re St. George landscape is important to us. Here are some ideas.

First things first, you need to walk out into the street and take a look at your home. Take mental pictures and mental notes concerning what changes you’d like to make and what you feel that your property needs to look especially appealing. Any shrubs that are overgrown or simply planted incorrectly that are obstructing an outsider’s view of architectural features should be noted. You can fix this by simple pruning which gives your St. George landscape a more groomed look as well as making important features 100% visible.

Next, make sure that your lawn and other areas with grass are fertilized and mowed to optimize color and symmetry as much as possible. Remove any grass or weeds that may be growing in your planter beds and in the cracks of the driveway and walkways. It’s very important for the driveway and walkway areas to look clean and shapely. Get your weed whacker out and shape the edges of the lawn alongside any concrete. Also, some seasonal decorations on the doorstep or strategically placed on the outside of the house can be extremely helpful to curb appeal.

Let’s address the backyard. Obviously, people aren’t going to be able to see it from the street or driveway, but maintaining a cohesively put-together property that includes the backyard is very important. Think of how strange it would be if a visitor had nothing but compliments for your front yard but then came into your home, looked through a window or sliding glass door into the backyard and found it disheveled, unkempt, and ignored? Give your backyard section of your St. George landscape the same attention you give the front. In addition to the landscaping factors, adding attractive lights is a great way to increase the appeal of the backyard.

If executing some or all of these suggestions seems a bit daunting or you know you just don’t have the time, give Precision Landscape a call and we can certainly do it for you. You can let us know what ideas you have for your St. George landscape and what you’re envisioning to increase curb appeal and we guarantee that we will create the most incredible curb appeal of any home on your street!

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How To Maximize Curb Appeal

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