Rock Landscaping Tips For Spring and Summer in Southern Utah

Even though, as of this writing, Spring has past and we are well into the summer here in St. George, UT, we still feel like it’s worth mentioning some really great st george rock landscaping suggestions for spring and summer. Even though flowers, grass, trees, and other plants are typically where most people’s minds will go to when it comes to landscapes and nature, let us not forget that rocks can be used as well to create wonderful contrasts to the greenery. They also provide durability that plants cannot. There are so many ways that Southern Utah residents can enhance the visual appeal and utility of their property and we wanted to share with you some of our go-to ideas that we feel work virtually every time no matter what particular type of landscape you happen to have. St George rock landscaping is a fun and enjoyable way of adding beauty to your property. Even if you already have experience with rock landscaping, we think these ideas will still benefit you. Here are some basic St George rock landscaping tips that we like to follow.

Rock Gardens

We are of the opinion that, the majority of the time, flowers and plants should not be the main centerpiece of a garden. Again, this is not an exclusive opinion when it comes to St George rock landscaping, but simply more of an attempt to shed some light on the fact that rocks make great centerpieces. There are so many different types of rocks (shapes and sizes) and so many different types of plants that there is an endless amount of options that you can come up with by using creativity and imagination. Rocks as garden centerpieces seem to work particularly well in desert St George rock landscaping. Try starting with stones and rocks on the smaller side and use them to add form around the larger ones, like granite or sandstone.

Water Features Enhancements

Something about water features incorporated into a garden makes it feel more peaceful and inviting. Residents of desert cities like St. George love water features in their yards and you should certainly consider adding one if you haven’t already. The more deliberate you in its implementation the more effective and beautiful it will be. Make sure that it has definition and structure and utilize St George rock landscaping for a naturalization effect. For example, if you have a waterfall feature, use rocks by placing them below it so that water glides off of them. Another St George rock landscaping technique is to create a creek or pond that makes its way through the yard by outlining it using smaller rocks.

Rocks as Replacements

Instead of using wood chips and mulch, use rocks. Depending on the type of garden that you have (or want to have), placing smaller rocks along strips of trees and/or shrubs is typically a wonderful technique that looks great. It highlights the greenery and makes it look more beautiful, particularly if flowers in containers is something that you plan on implementing. This is because the petal’s colors are really brought out next to the St George rock landscaping.

Stepping Stones

This is a very common St George rock landscaping approach that provides directionality and guidance to your property. Use flat, large stones and place in succession and create a path or walkway. It adds personality and formality to your landscape. Incorporate stepping stones in either the front yard or backyard. You’ve likely seen many homes that have stepping stones leading up to their front door or back door.

st george rock landscaping

Rock Landscaping Tips For Spring and Summer in Southern Utah

st george rock landscaping

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