Exposing Artificial Grass Landscaping Misconceptions: Part 2

This article is a continuation of the previously posted article, “Exposing 4 Artificial Grass Landscaping Misconceptions”. Visit PrecisionLandscaper.com for all of your St George UT artificial grass needs.

Myth: Synthetic Grass Has Problems Draining

Another common misconception that surrounds the topic of artificial grass involves water drainage. Unlike natural grass, St George UT artificial grass is not embedded in the soil, so many people assume that means that it can’t drain water and that puddles of water will consistently form on the grass during rainfall. There is no truth to this false assumption. Yes, it is true that in the early days of synthetic grass, when it was still in its early stages and wasn’t perfected like it is today, this did occur. And yes, if you purchase the lowest quality, most inexpensive turf on the market, it is certainly possible that poor drainage could occur. The efficiency of the installation and material’s quality both play an important role in avoiding poor drainage. Proper infill and a quality product will ensure that your artificial grass drains wonderfully. The top quality brands of turf often drain even better than a natural lawn.

Myth: It Looks Too Fake

Putting cotton up against nylon fabrics is similar to comparing natural grass to synthetic in that most of the time you won’t notice the difference unless you take a look at the tag, so to speak (or you’re a professional landscaper and are well-educated and experienced in artificial landscaping). Even when people walk on artificial grass they often don’t know that it is in fact synthetic. You really have to get up close and personal to take notice. This is because good turf expertly mimics the real thing. Not only is it designed to be indistinguishable from real grass, it also reflects sunlight which renders it less vulnerable to the adverse effects of constant direct sunlight, other than heating up itself which can be easily remedied by a spray with the hose. St George UT artificial grass is also easier to maintain overall.

Myth: Unsafe Chemicals are Found in Artificial Turf

The development and construction of St George UT artificial grass are executed with strict guidelines and standards to ensure it is environmentally safe. Materials such as polypropylene and nylon, which are used in many common items such as every-day containers and fabrics and are totally safe, are used in the makeup of artificial grass. Remember that natural grass is typically sprayed with chemicals like pesticides. Even some forms of fertilizer have been known to have traces of harmful chemicals. Chemical treatments are not necessary for the maintenance of artificial grass.

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Exposing 4 Artificial Grass Landscaping Misconceptions: Part 2

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