8 Winter Landscaping Suggestions for St George Residents

Here are eight pieces of winter advice for your St George UT landscape, particularly concerning watering.

Tip 1

Everyone in the city receives a water bill every month and part of that bill is something called a sewer fee. The amount one pays for their sewer fee can vary depending on how much water one uses during the winter. If you try to conserve water during these months, the following year you will find that your sewer fee is decreased.

Tip 2

Don’t overwater. Desert plants are particularly susceptible to overwatering as their roots must dry out between watering sessions in order to take in the proper amount of nutrients they get from the soil. Soggy soil is bad for desert vegetation. Overwatering can also increase the potential of getting termites, mosquitos, and other pests on your St George UT landscape.

Tip 3

Where cactus plants are concerned, anticipate winter’s arrival by not giving them any water for 2 to 3 months before the weather starts getting cold. This prevents frost damage from setting in, which occurs when cactus plants have absorbed too much water prior to the beginning of winter.

Tip 4

To really know exactly how much to water your particular property and landscape to save as much money and water as possible, call a city professional that deals with water efficiency. Every city has them and would be happy to educate you personally.

Tip 5

When winter sets in, you can lower the amount of water you give to your trees. A thorough and deep watering once or twice a month will do the trick for most native trees; certainly not every day or even every week.

Tip 6

This suggestion applies to the other seasons as well but is arguably most important during the winter time. Make sure to be aware of the state of each sprinkler, checking them all regularly. And make sure to water at night to minimize evaporation.

Tip 7

When hiring someone to work on your St George UT landscape during the winter months, make sure that they have a firm grasp on exactly what plants native to Southern Utah need. If your landscaper knows that you value water conservation just as much as the appearance of your St George UT landscape, they will better know how to customize their service for you.

Tip 8

Watch some videos online of how to operate your irrigation controller, that way if a problem with a simple solution presents itself, you can take care of it quickly and on your own.

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8 Winter Landscaping Suggestions for St George Residents

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