Some Desert Landscaping Tips

Desert soil presents opportunities and challenges to St George UT landscapers that are unique when compared to the soil in other climates. The combination of desert heat, cold, air, sunlight, and water with the soil is unique. If you’ve recently moved to the St. George, UT area from a location with a different climate, you’ll soon find yourself needing to adapt your landscaping habits to accommodate your new desert garden.

Don’t look at dry, windy, hot Southern Utah as a landscaping challenge. View it as an opportunity. If you approach it the right way, you may even enjoy this landscape even more than your previous non-desert one. Be inspired by the beautiful surroundings that have made Southern Utah a popular tourist and vacation destination and use it to your advantage. One thing that’s for sure, do not try and transport or recreate a landscape design-centric to a different climate. In doing so, you’re working against nature and causing yourself a lot of extra headaches. Make choices that are appropriate to the St. George, UT region and you will find great satisfaction in what things that St George UT landscapers can do with desert soil.

There are many desert trees and grasses that are tolerant to drought. Get in touch with St George UT landscapers or even a longtime local that you trust who can clue you in on what specific species of plants you should consider. There are a lot more options that you may expect. Also, try utilizing shrubs as foundation plantings, hedges, or general privacy. This is a common practice where St George UT landscapers are concerned. Not only does it look good, but it conserves a lot of water.

Another option is exploring hardscape designs. These can be just as eye-catching as well-manicured vegetation if done right. A multicolored gravel section brings just as much positive aesthetic as anything else, in our opinion. Also, a lot of residents in St. George, UT incorporate hangings gardens as well, both in the back and front yards.

There are many professional landscape companies in the St. George, UT area (like Precision Landscape) that are willing to give advice by making free house calls where they can assess what you’ve got to work with on your property and set you in the right direction with additional recommendations and tips.

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Some Desert Landscaping Tips

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