Tips for Landscaping in the St George UT Desert

Living in a desert climate is wonderful for a number of reasons, but it can cause some headache when it comes to landscaping and gardening. The desert climate of St George UT is certainly in this category and anyone who lives here (or really anywhere in the Southwest) can attest to the difficulties of maintaining a lush, green lawn. During the middle of the summer, some of us long for the more fertile environments that our friends and relatives have in the Midwest. However, St George UT landscaping has trends that have emerged over time that solve many of the inherent problems with landscaping in a predominantly hot climate. Most of them conserve water and look great.

If you take advantage of the wildlife native to the area, even when it comes to your lawn, high water bills and wasteful habits will quickly become things of the past. Think about it: a vibrant flowerbed growing out of the sand is not natural. If you’re trying to keep up something like this, just know that it’s technically possible, but you’re really working against nature taking on an endeavor like that. At Precision Landscape, we’ve always felt that showcasing your yard in its natural setting is the best way to achieve the best possible results. Picket fences and flourishing, green grass shouldn’t always be considered the ideal landscape. If the natural environment that you live in already sustains that type of vegetation than great. But in the desert, prepare for a whole lot of maintenance and a lot of money if that’s the type of St George UT landscaping you want to do.

So what if St George UT has poor soil. There are lots of flowers and other plants that are tolerant to drought and thrive in this type of sandy-soil environment. Yucca and cactus, of course, as well as juniper, bougainvillea, oleander, poppies, lilies, and perennials. All of these are beautiful additions to any landscape. Why burden yourself with non-native plants that will just cause you more work when there are plenty of fantastic choices that are native to the St George UT area? Putting in window planters is another great idea that will show off your plants and conserve water.

Decaying driftwood, sagebrush, rock lawns, and concrete walkways are all popular with St George UT landscaping and it’s completely understandable due to the low maintenance of these options. Be careful to not overdo it with concrete because concrete doesn’t absorb heat, it reflects it which can increase the heat around your house. Instead of an overload of concrete, try putting in some water gardens, wading ponds, a spa, or a pool. This is still a way to avoid installing large areas of grass. If you do grass, make sure to plant native grass otherwise your just making life harder.

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Tips for Landscaping in the St George UT Desert

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