Pet Owner Suggestions For Keeping Your Yard Nice

If you’re like many Southern Utah homeowners, having a yard is one of the most appealing aspects owning property. First-time homeowners are typically ecstatic to finally have their own back or front yard when they finally purchase a home. It’s one of the things that really makes the place that you live feel like a home, providing outdoor space to hold gatherings and parties or simply to relax. Another common reason for coveting a St George yard is to have a place for pets to roam. If you own a pet, particularly a dog, a yard is typically a wonderful thing. Having a dog in a condo or apartment is sometimes difficult, and in many renting scenarios landlords don’t allow pets at all so eventually owning a home with a St George yard can represent finally getting that beloved pet. But as we all know, dogs often make messes, get into things, and destroy things. If you have a St George yard and are a pet owner, consider these suggestions to help your yard stay nice.

Buy Some Pet Deterrents

Dogs are often quite methodical and predictable when it comes to their territory. They typically follow patterns, even regarding their daily movements in a St George yard. This is why many Southern Utah pet owners find certain spots on their lawn where their dog clearly does its business. Dogs sometimes focus on one particular area of the yard when it comes to digging as well. These well-worn spots that our animals choose can get unsightly over time in addition to becoming muddy – mud and dogs are not a desirable combination. To prevent this from happening, visit your local supermarket or pet supply store and pick up some pepper-based deterrent spray. Give those spots of your St George yard regular sprays and your dog will soon lose her interest in them.

Address The Real Reason For Digging

Digging is part of a dog’s nature so we shouldn’t be completely surprised when our dog exhibits this behavior. But because it’s implanted into the minds of all dogs to a degree, it doesn’t mean that you are now relegated to deal with a digging dog for the remainder of her life. Your dog isn’t digging simply because she’s a dog. Most dog experts agree that excessive digging is due to either boredom or anxiety or both. Sure, dogs sometimes dig simply out of curiosity and they certainly may dig if they think there’s a small critter or some food under the surface. But domestic dogs typically dig up your St George yard because they need more attention and exercise, a lack of which leads to boredom and anxiety. Before you get depressed and angry about it, take your dog on daily walks for 15-45 minutes a day and see if that solves the issue. Many dog owners have found success this way.

Clean Up Messes On A Regular Basis

If you own a dog and you are serious about wanting to keep your St George yard as clean and nice as possible, you should be picking up your dog’s poop every 1-2 days. This will prevent harmful chemicals from seeping into the soil and causing discoloration. If you only clean up your dog’s dropping once a week or less, you cannot expect your St George yard to look as nice as you want it to. Plus, if you make this chore a habit it will be manageable and not quite as nasty. Picking up excess amounts of dog poop compared to one or two piles each day or two won’t weigh on your mind anywhere near as much, and your St George yard will thank you.

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Pet Owner Suggestions For Keeping Your Yard Nice

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