The Truth Behind the Alleged Link Between Cancer and Crumb-Rubber Infill – Part 3

This article is a continuation of the previous synthetic grass landscaping post: The Truth Behind the Alleged Link Between Cancer and Crumb-Rubber Infill – Part 2.

What kind of a role should the government play (if any at all) in this synthetic grass landscaping debate? Clearly, more research is necessary which inevitably requires funding, so it shouldn’t be any wonder that government has already gotten involved given the health-related nature of this crumb-rubber infill controversy. The overall reaction of the government declaring their involvement back in February of 2015 was positive. To paraphrase the official announcement given by Bill Nelson, U.S. Senator, the general public (especially parents of athletes) are searching for answers that they deserve to receive in regards to the supposed synthetic grass landscaping link between crumb-rubber infill and cancer. The government feels that by bringing together different federal agencies and combining their efforts, answers will be found. These three agencies are the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The budget for this study was declared to be $2 million and the team assigned consisted (at the time of inception) of 50 employees at the federal level. The research to this day is still ongoing. This federal research initiative is the first time ever that the government has ever gotten involved in any way in the world of sports fields.

So what has been the results of the studies that have been going on since 2015? The answer is still the same as it was before the government began funding research: all studies still show no verifiable link between cancer and crumb-rubber infill. Though all parties involved or affected certainly welcome and support any and all research being done in the field of synthetic grass landscaping, manufactures, athletes and others are extremely happy to know that a link has yet to be found. Though the matter has not been officially put to rest, signs are pointing to no link.

There are many people and groups who still feel that there is in fact a link and that eventually the research will prove this. Many of these groups, despite any conclusive findings to support their cause, advocate for the prevention of crumb-rubber infill and often organize initiatives to convince schools across the country to not install synthetic grass landscaping. It remains to be seen what will conclusively be discovered through the research being done and if the findings will remain the same or if something negative will turn up. The release of a comprehensive study has been promised by those involved in the government research efforts but to date has yet to be released.

The synthetic grass landscaping debate is on-going. The fact that research is still be done is great. Until a verifiable conclusion can be reached, we should all be grateful for the efforts that are being put toward finding out the answers. Remember that if you choose to do more research on synthetic grass landscaping on the cancer/crumb-rubber debate, be sure that you familiarize yourself with opinions on both sides so that you can make an honest evaluation for yourself. There are a lot of sensational news reports that circulate that unfortunately do not rely on facts. Be smart about informing yourself and forming your own opinion. If you want our professional opinion, crumb-rubber infill is 100% safe. If we weren’t confident on this matter, we would use it. But we support the research being done.

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The Truth Behind the Alleged Link Between Cancer and Crumb-Rubber Infill – Part 3

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