To Rock or Not to Rock?

To rock, or not to rock your yard is a topic of argument among folks in Southern Utah.  On the surface, you may think it’s merely a matter of water savings, but there is more to consider.

Filling your yard with rocks will definitely save money on the water bill, unless you love wet rocks; however, there are some drawbacks that support the grass-lovers’ side of the fence.


First, rocks provide a nice habitat for scorpions, a common critter in Southern Utah.  Many residents have seen them, and occasionally, there’s the shock of a sting on the leg or hand of an unsuspecting child or yard worker.  Second, if you don’t lay down a sturdy weed block before pouring the rock, the pulling of weeds between rocks will be like pulling teeth; those rocks make for solid root support.  Third, rocks in the yard are hotter and dirtier than green grass, so enjoying the time outside the house and keeping house floors clean are more challenging.  Of course, these factors can be overcome with white rocks which absorb little UV rays and by removing shoes at the home’s entrance.

Fourth, the choice of which rocks to buy—red, yellow, brown, white, small, medium, large—is up for debate with your spouse, and you never know how spirited the “conversation” will be or what resentments may be thrown back at you later.  Fifth, switching your yard to a new look is a real chore when you want to get rid of the rocks.  It takes a lot of muscle and some good equipment.  Sixth, if the neighbor kid doesn’t like you, you’ve provided him with a lot of handy projectiles within feet of those delicate, glass windows.  That last reason was admittedly tongue-in-cheek.


Now, let’s argue the team’s side in favor of grass in the yard.  First, picnics, croquet, volleyball, badminton, lying down to rest, the smell of freshly-cut grass, cooler in the summer, worms to go fishing with, grandkids playground, an environmental classroom where you can teach your kids or grandkids how to work and take care of things (by the way, I knew a guy who wouldn’t let his son mow the lawn because the boy didn’t do as good of a job as the father did.  I asked the dad, “Are you raising boys or grass?”), the opportunity to stay active and slow the aging process by mowing and trimming it yourself, a place that’s easy to maintain for pets to do their business, pretty, green nature to wipe your feet on.  Wait!  Did I say “First?”  Well, you get the idea.  There are plenty of reasons to go with the grass, but remember, you have to pay for the water, unless you own a pond and pump.  And weed killer and fertilizer are small expenses, too.

The pragmatist will see that the question of “to rock or not to rock” demands examination from both perspectives, and he or she may argue that green, artificial grass is best.  Well, it would save money on the water bill, but you should weigh the long-term water savings against the up-front expense of purchasing good artificial turf.  Turf looks pretty good; but whether it’s cooler around the house is questionable.  So, to rock, or not to rock is up to you to decide.

to rock or not to rock

To Rock or Not to Rock?

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