Suggestions For Selecting the Right Landscaping Company

Summer is a busy season for Utah landscaping companies in general. If you are preparing to get landscaping work done on your property this summer and plan on using professionals, here are some important things to remember that will help you select the right company among the many Utah landscaping companies out there.

Keep It Local

Even though there are many landscaping companies that will travel many miles to do work for you, if you live in the St. George area, it is best to use a local company. There’s nothing wrong with starting in the phone book or quick internet search to find companies that operate in the city where you live. Once you have an idea of which companies you see as potential choices, you can start finding out important information.

Are They Licensed?

Being licensed with a state chemist and/or the Department of Agriculture is a requirement for landscaping companies in almost all 50 states. Be sure to take the time to find out whether or not the Utah landscaping companies you’re interested in using are licensed. There are companies that operate outside state regulations so it’s better to make sure.

Get Multiple Detailed Quotes

Certainly get quotes from multiple companies to compare rates. But just as important is making sure that you give them all the proper information to produce an accurate quote. Things like whether or not you live in a culdesac or if your property is a corner lot or if you have unusual or high-maintenance vegetation, for example. All these things can alter the price quote.


Different companies often use different chemicals so it’s best to find out what they use, which will require you do some basic research on your own about fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. There’s a big difference between traditional and organic chemicals when it comes to Utah landscaping companies. If you have children and/or pets, certain common chemicals that Utah landscaping companies use could be harmful.

Check References

If you are using a St. George-based company that a trusted friend has recommended to you then you may not need to check references. But if you’re searching Utah landscaping companies with a clean slate, try finding yards that are similar to yours in your neighborhood that you admire and ask those homeowners what landscaping company they use.


Always read over contracts so you can verify the cost of the work that Utah landscaping companies will be doing for you as well as making sure the work they’re planning on doing for you is precisely what you asked for. Are they performing a one-time service or are you signing up for seasonal or month-to-month work? Make sure all the insurance terms are in order, as well, for both the employees of Utah landscaping companies and for your property.

Know Your Billing Plan

Be sure to clarify how you are going to pay the St George landscaping company that you use. Utah landscaping companies typically offer multiple billing options such as one-time payment or quarterly payments (depending on the type of service you receive).


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Suggestions For Selecting the Right Landscaping Company

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