How To Be Water Smart in Saint George, Utah

How to be water smart in Saint George is no small task.  The most populous city, Saint George, Utah sits at an average of 2,600 feet above sea level, and the climate reflects that.  The hot, dry summers of St. George are expected in the deserts of the southwestern United States, where the soil is sandy and rocky, high in minerals, but low in organic material.  Besides the soil’s struggle to absorb and hold moisture, rain is scarce—only eight inches per year—making water the critical concern of governmental planning and growth.

Agriculture is a challenge, but can be productive if there is ample water supply.  For this reason, reservoirs have been constructed to store life-giving water; however, careless residents sometimes put unnecessary strain on the issue by not practicing wise use of the area’s small, precious resource.  This article presents several tips on how to be water smart in Saint George, Utah—tips that can enhance St. George’s future growth, if responsibly implemented.


The first tip concerns irrigation and the all-important root systems of plant life.  Plant and grassroots must be encouraged to grow deep and strong, and smart irrigation/watering schedules make this happen.  If you water every day or every other day, the roots form only shallow systems. As the weather heats up, the sod dries out faster, and then requires more frequent watering to sustain life.   It’s better to water less often so the roots develop deeper root systems. This way the grass and plants require less water and are more equipped to fight off diseases and unwanted invaders, such as Crabgrass and Bermuda grasses.

Water Your Lawn Longer

If the soil is permeable, longer watering times are appropriate to achieve the ability to schedule less frequent irrigation days.  The water needs to be able to soak deeply, which reduces water loss by evaporation to the hot air. The root systems of many kinds of grass and annuals normally go to 12 inches deep, so frequent, short watering will not soak the roots, but only stay near the surface, and much is evaporated.  If water runs off your lawn to the driveway or sidewalk in a short watering session, punch holes in the sod, such as with an aeration machine. Slow, deep watering is one tip on how to be water smart in Saint George, Utah.

Measure Water Penetration

One way to be water smart in St. George, Utah is to measure the depth of water penetration.  Use a soil probe or metal rod like a long-handled screwdriver. Push the probe deep into the soil.  When the probe resists penetration, you have likely reached the point of no water absorption. The first few inches of easy push will be the wet soil.  Shrubs generally have root systems up to 24 inches deep, and trees 36 inches.

Use the Advantage of Cooler Months

Summer heat is hard on new plantings.  Use cooler months to plant and transplant; they will require less water and be more able to flourish.  Water your grasses and plants during the night or early morning hours when less evaporation will occur. Check your sprinkler system often for performance.  If your sprinkler timer is set for 3:00 am, and you never see it working, you don’t know if all heads are intact, well-spaced, and doing what you want them to do.  

Rain is rare in St. George, but you can catch some of it to distribute to flower beds and grasses.  Use containers at downspouts, berms around plants to hold it where you need it, etc.

Cut Your Lawn Lower

Another tip on how to be water smart in St. George, Utah is cutting your lawn a little longer.  This makes your grass less thirsty in the heat and helps to strengthen the root system. Also, avoid unnecessary water waste in the house.  Turn off the faucet when brushing teeth, take shorter showers, and plan laundry cycles to use less water on more clothes. Shorter wash cycles and fewer spin cycles are usually just as effective as the cycles that guzzle more water.  They’ll make a difference on the water bill, too.

How To Be Water Smart in Saint George, Utah

How To Be Water Smart in Saint George, Utah

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