6 Conservational Landscaping Ideas for Southern Utah Residents

For all of us Southern Utah residents, landscaping can be somewhat headache-inducing. The desert climate can sometimes make it difficult to fulfill the vision you have for your property. The truth is that many homeowners in St. George and surrounding areas tend to set their expectations a little too high and unrealistic when considering the climate in which they live. Having a perfectly green and consistently vibrant lawn all the way around your property, for example, can be done but it isn’t easy, it isn’t cost-effective, and it wastes water. And in our opinion, it isn’t the most intriguing thing that you could be doing where your landscaping is concerned. There are many other creative, unique, and conservation-friendly choices that will make your outdoor space look fantastic. Here are some ideas.

Gathering Areas

The concept of an outdoor gathering space is very common in Southern Utah and the construction of such an area almost always lowers the amount of water your property consumes. Firepits, gazebos, decks, and patios also allow visitors to easily view and take in the beauty of your property if that’s something you enjoy, not to mention that these areas act as a respite for you and your family to relax and spend time outside.

Rock Gardens

One of Southern Utah’s best features is its rock formations. The geology of this area is so beautiful and diverse that it would be a shame to not incorporate that somehow into your home landscape. So many choices, including black lava rocks, striped sandstone, red rock, and many others that can be utilized in a traditional or custom-designed rock garden. And obviously, a rock garden doesn’t require water.


Paths are a surefire way to create aesthetically pleasing symmetry on your property and add elegance and charm to any property. Meandering walkways through gardens, paths leading to the front door, or any other variety can be incorporated into virtually any landscape. Pebbles, bricks, and flagstones are popular in Southern Utah in creating paths.

Raised Gardens

These are not quite as widely used as are the previously mentioned suggestions and we think they should be used more often. The wooden frames needed to construct a raised garden can be purchased at a hardware store, or you can make your own out of household materials as some people do. The main reason why raised gardens fall perfectly into the conversation of conservational landscaping is that because the soil used is manually added and lies above ground, it holds water so much better compared to the native Southern Utah soil that is very sandy.

Vegetable Gardens

Not only is gardening, in general, a wonderful and incredibly useful skill to have, but you can, without too much extra effort, construct one that looks great and really adds to the appearance of your landscape. Make sure to get some books and talk to your peers about how to go about it the right way and conserve water.

Indigenous Plants

People who are unfamiliar with residing in desert climates sometimes are mistaken in thinking that the only plants we have are cacti and palm trees. Southern Utah has hundreds of beautiful indigenous plants that would satisfy any homeowner or gardener. In addition to the many species of succulents, there are tons of wildflowers, trees, and bush varieties that are so plentiful you’ll have a hard time choosing.


6 Conservational Landscaping Ideas for Southern Utah Residents


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